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Inaca Alpes 420

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Inaca Alpes 420


Inaca Alpes 420

This awning has a roof with a double apex and reinforced seams. It is very strong and with a harmonious design. This is a universal awning and may be adapted to most types of caravan, since the fixing system are adjustable in height. The fixing system to the caravan consists of foam filled pads and Fix On system adaptable to any surface and it is reinforce with side legs. The only requirement is that your caravan has enough Straight Awning Channel for the correct fitting of the porch. 


The winter reinforcement kit (optional) is recommended when the awning is used in areas with snow and rough weather. 


The front panel has two large fixed windows. It may be removed and may also be used as a veranda. 


Each side panel has a door and a window (on the right panel it may be rolled up and has a mosquito net). 



- Roof: Polyester PVA 

- Awning Skirt: PVC polyester in Anthracite Grey 

- Mudflaps: PVC. To the outer part. 

- Mosquito Net: In right side windows 

- Ventilation: Mosquito net in left side panel 

- Frame: Galvanised Steel 25mm Ø 

- Pegging System: Adjustable with straps 

- Dimensions: 420cm long, 240cm deep + 20cm canopy 

- Distance between roof poles: 404 cm 

- Colours: Blue, Light Grey 

- Materials: Polyester PVA. All breathable 

- Front / Side: PVA Polyester 

- Canopy: PVA Polyester 

- Weight: 52kg 


Optional Extras: 

- Uni Storm Straps 

- Veranda Bars 

- Extra Roof Poles and Legs 

- Inner Roof



Inaca Alpes 420 Specification


ROOF Polyester PVA.
AWNING SKIRT PVC polyester anthracite Grey.
MUDFLAPS PVC. To the outter part.
MOSQUITO NET In right side windows.
VENTILATION Mosquito net in left side panel.
FRAME Galvanised Steel 25 mm Ø.
PEGGING SYSTEM Adjustable with straps.
DIMENSIONS 420 Long. 240 cm deep. +20 cm canopy.  Distance between roof poles 404 cm
COLOURS Blue, light grey.
MATERIALS Polyester PVA. All breathable.
FRONT / SIDE PVA Polyester.
CANOPY PVA Polyester.

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Please Note: Porch awning dimensions given are for ground area unless otherwise stated, awnings may taper towards the top by 15-20cm either side.

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