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Westfield Outdoors Lynx Travel Smart 240

Options for the Lynx Travel Smart 240

Westfield Outdoors Lynx Travel Smart 240



Westfield Outdoors Lynx Travel Smart 240

A great lightweight awning with a small footprint. Extremely easy to use, easy enough to erect by one person on their own.


The Lynx 240 has large, scenic windows allowing lots of light inside and great views when inside the awning. The use of the efficient Air Erect System means that the tubes are independent of each other and can be inflated with as little as 12 repetitions on the pump.


It comes with a storm pole to add stability in adverse weather conditions. The small size is perfect when space is at a premium and when you only want a small porch. Featuring the lightweight HydraDore SL fabric that gives you great performance in a lightweight fabric which makes this awning even easier to erect, use and store away when not in use. The fabric also dries quickly, making it even easier to manage.


The Lynx is the perfect, lightweight awning when space is at a premium or when you simply want a small porch.


Air Erect System (AES)

The Air Erect System is an, easy to use, air erect system. Simplified to make it easier to use and less to go wrong, the system uses 4 layers for strength and stability. Layer 1: The internal bladder which is the part that you inflate. Layers 2 and 3: Then we have a dual layer protective cover that has PE and polyester covers bonded together, the PE layer of the cover is also reinforced at the stress points giving it extra strength and stability. Layer 4: Finally, we have a sleeve which is sewn into the awning. This not only improves the protection around your air tube, as well as the stability of the awning because the tube is held in position better.


The Air Erect System has individual air tubes rather than a joined system which makes each tube extremely easy to pump up. It also makes it easier to deflate as each tube defaults instantly by removing the value making it easier and quicker to deflate as no air gets trapped in the system. The use of separate tubes also gives you security against failure. If there is a failure only one tube is affected. The system is also designed to allow you to fix them on site, so there is no need to ruin your break and send the awning away to be repaired. You simply unzip the sleeve to get to the protective cover. This is then unzipped which gives you access to the bladder itself. This bladder can be removed, repaired using a puncture repair kit (we recommend using a professional repair kit as some cheaper kits have sub-standard glue) and then put back in. It also uses an easy to use single way valve for inflation which is simplicity itself; simply push the pump in and you are ready to go, there are no fiddly values or sockets, sheer simplicity and ease of use.


HydroDore SL Fabric

An advanced lightweight 75D with a high-performance coating giving a hydrostatic head of 3000mm which is far and above the 1000mm considered fully waterproof ensuring that your awning will not leak, and the material is waterproof. The coating gives the material extra protection against the harmful sun's U.V. rays and extends the life of your awning and gives you a high level of water protection. The material is extremely lightweight making it easy to handle, fold and packs away to a small size. It is fast drying as it does not soak up the rain and is easy to clean.


Anti-Weather System (AWS)

The anti-weather system is not one item but a host of improvements and updates that gives the awning better weather protection. There are additional weather panels sewn into the canvas at points where the weather could get in. This panel is P.U. coated on both sides and taped on both sides giving you better weather protection.

There is additional guttering on external windows with zips, which add extra protection against the rain. All tie back points or pockets that are sewn in are made from 100% waterproof PVC rather than standard webbing material. Standard material can soak water up and eventually lead to leaks, the waterproof PVC simply does not.



- Featuring the lightweight and quick drying HydraDore SL fabric.

- Air Erect System with multi-inflation, independent tubes.

- Anti-weather system for added protection.

- Full ventilation side doors, plus permanent, built-in ventilation to minimise condensation.

- Storm pole and sewn in rear draught excluding pads included.

- Two doors (side).

- Great views with large super-clear windows with internal blinds.

- Double beading (4 and 6mm) for easy multi-vehicle attachment.

- Extremely lightweight, very quick and easy to erect.

- Single person pitch: The awning is so lightweight it can be pitched by a single person.

- Small footprint and pack size.



Westfield Outdoors Lynx Travel Smart 240 Specifications

Fabric: Hydrotech SL

Mud Skirt: PE Polyester

Windows: Superclear Transparent Foil

HH: 3000mm

Awning Rail Height: 235 - 250 cm.

Straight rail width: 240 cm.

Total rail width: 308 cm.

Awning width: 240 cm.

Awning depth: 235 cm.

Packed size: 115 x 25 x 30 cm.

Awning weight: 7 kg.

Total weight: 10.5 kg.



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