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Kampa Caravan Fiesta Air Pro 420

Options for the Fiesta Air Pro 420

Kampa Caravan Fiesta Air Pro 420



Kampa Caravan Fiesta Air Pro 420

As its name suggests, the Fiesta AIR Pro uses our exclusive Weathershield™ Pro material in combination with our patented inflation system to make one of the most desirable awnings on the market—the Fiesta AIR Pro is sure to become one of our best selling awnings. Available in a range of useful sizes - 280, 350 and 420, there’s bound to be a model that suits your needs and caravan. 


Both the front and side panels can be completely zipped out and the side panels can be replaced with the optional annexe. As with all Kampa awnings, set up is very simple and exceptionally quick, as the Fiesta features the same one point inflation system as the rest of our inflatable awnings. Both side panels are interchangeable, one has a large mesh ventilation panel. The optional canopy simply zips onto the front of the awnings and is supported with strong aluminium poles. There is a canopy to suit each size. 


On top of all this, our 2017 models are now 'Limpet™ Ready' and ready to accept our NEW Limpet™ Fix System - an ingenious method of attaching the side walls to the caravan. Simply attach the Limpet™ through the pre-cut holes in the rear of the awning and fasten to a smooth caravan surface. There are four holes on each side of the awning. Limpets™ come in a pack of eight and extra holes, to suit your caravan, can be made using the Limpet™ Hole Punch. 


The Fiesta AIR Pro comes with both 6mm and 4mm keder (the beading that slides into the caravans awning rail). The 6mm is suitable for caravans and the 4mm can be used to mount the Fiesta AIR Pro to the roll out awning on a motorhome, see your dealer for more details. 

There's plenty of ventilation, as well as the left hand of the awning featuring a large closeable mesh panel, additional ventilation can also be found in the apex of the awning to help with condensation. The awning has large panoramic crystal clear windows which can be covered with pre-attached blinds that can be conveniently stowed away in deep pockets underneath the panels rather than dealing with the hassle of rolling up blinds and tying them in place. 


It's easy to personalise your awning with a wide range of accessories available including a canopy, optional annexe or roof lining. A unique feature to the Kampa range, the AccessoryTrack adds an extra line of beading running on the inside, parallel with the awning beading that connects the awning to the caravan. This allows for accessories, such as an organiser and hanging rail, to be attached to the awning through the use of a specially designed connection by Kampa. 


Key Features: 

- Inflatable - utilising Kampa's unique one point inflation system 

- Weathershield™ Pro fabric - further improved for 2017 

- Adjustable height system - suits caravans with attachment points between 235-250cm high 

- Can be inflated/deflated from one inflation point, all 'AirPoles' are linked together 

- Upright front wall panels allow for full use of the interior space to compliment the already generous depth 

- Large crystal windows ensure a good view out with internal blinds with deep stow pockets for privacy 

- Front panel features a doorway entrance, can be used veranda style or can be completely zipped out 

- Large side doors, windowed one side and a large mesh panel on one other for great airflow in hotter climates 

- Weather protected ventilation in roof apex 

- Strong mudwalls to keep out draughts 

- Heavy duty zips - so you won't be let down 

- Reinforced guy lines - for extra security in strong weather 

- Draught skirt included - prevents draughts from under the caravan 

- Fixings ready to accept our optional Storm Tie Down system 

- An oversized carry bag - made 50% larger making repacking your awning easier 

- Complete with our high volume Downdraught pump 

- Limpet™ Ready 

- AccessoryTrack™ fitted



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