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Eurovent Partiel

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Eurovent Partiel


Eurovent Partiel

The Eurovent Partiel Porch is 2.40 meters in depth and is available in three widths - 3.50 meters, 4.75 meters or 6 meters. 


This porch is especially designed for use throughout the year, in all weathers. 


The Partiel is constructed entirely of PVC, a heavy canvas that does not deteriorate with humidity, that is completely waterproof, and that is also easy to clean. For the walls, Eurovent use high quality 450 g/m² and 335 g/m² material. The roof is made of 420 g/m² PVC material; it is partially sloped at caravan level to prevent friction of the door against the roof, then completely sloped to promote water dispersion. It is suitable for all caravans up to 2.60 meters high. 


The Partiel’s front is detachable (in two parts on the 6 meter model). There is a door and a window on the left wall, and a door with window and mosquito net on the right wall. 


All the windows are fitted with interior curtains and exterior shutters to completely close the porch. The exterior ground skirt carries rainwater away from the pegging straps. 


The Partiel’s steel frame ensures its solidity with 5 roof poles on the 3.50 meter and 4.75 meter versions, and 7 roof poles on the 6 meter model. 
The canopy is framed on the 6 meter model. The tightening handles ensure an easy and solid assembly. 


The Partiel is a full PVC porch that can be used during all seasons. The front wall is removable, the left wall features a door and a window, and the right wall features a door, an opaque window and a mosquito net. The Partiel is 2.4O m deep and is available in 3 sizes: 3.5O m, 4.75 m and 6 m. 


Optional roof lining available. 


Roof: PVC 24O g/m2 

Walls: PVC 45O g/m2 and 335 g/m2 • Removable front panels • External shutters with zips 

Frame: 25 mm steel frame with power grips 

Available in Sizes: 3.5O m, 4.75 m, 6 m 

Weight(3.5O M): canvas > 23 kg, frame > 25 kg 

Weight(4.75 M): canvas > 27 kg, frame > 25 kg 

Weight(6 M): canvas > 33 kg, frame > 36 kg


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Please Note: Porch awning dimensions given are for ground area unless otherwise stated, awnings may taper towards the top by 15-20cm either side.

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