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Clearance Awnings Bradcot Aspire AiR 260 - 2015 Model

Options for the Bradcot Aspire AiR 260 - 2015 Model

Clearance Awnings Bradcot Aspire AiR 260 - 2015 Model


Clearance Awnings Bradcot Aspire AiR 260 - 2015 Model

The Aspire AiR has been a huge success since its launch in 2014 and is still considered the most technically advanced air awning in the market today. It's made from the finest TenCate awning fabric and boasts Bradcot's unique fully integrated TPU bladder system. 


The Aspire AiR's ingenious "frame" features an inflation bladder using the best available TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) of a quality and thickness far in advance of any currently used in the air awning market across the UK and Europe. Its unique design allows filling from one inflation point only (four are fitted to assist with deflation) and, when used in conjunction with Bradcot's E-Pump, can be fully inflated in under three minutes! Together with Bradcot's UK-manufactured Marine Grade inflation valves, a lifetime inflation bladder guarantee and 2 years full manufacturer's warranty, this high-specification product ensures that you can clock up countless long and trouble-free air miles for your awning. 


The Aspire AiR range consists of two exceptional models; the Aspire AiR 260 and Aspire AiR 390, both fully compact, easy to use and economical. 



- Air Beam technology 

- Genuine TenCate roof/wall awning fabric 

- Robust 450 micron fully integrated TPU bladder system 

- 150mm diameter main beams (smooth finished) 

- Single inflation point (valve on each leg beam to assist deflation only) 

- One roll-up front window (RHF on 260 & centre on 390) 

- Ventilated side mesh windows 

- Sizes available: width 260cmor 390cm, projection of 260cm on both 

- 2m internal roof height at front 

- Back poles and storm straps as standard  

- 12v electric pump – inflates 390 in well under 3mins! (Optional extra) 

- 2 year warranty (canvas body) 

- Lifetime warranty on TPU inflation bladder (T&C's apply) 

- Actual canvas weight: 260 – 17kg, 390 – 20kg



Clearance Awnings Bradcot Aspire AiR 260 - 2015 Model Specifications

- Manufactured in 'Ten Cate' touring awning fabric, woven from Spun polyester/spun PVA and then PVA coated. 

- Length of 260cm. 

- Projection of 260cm. 

- 10.5mm zips in doors. 

- 8mm zips on inflation bladder carrier. 

- PVC coated polyester splash-walls. 

- Ventilation windows to each side with zipped weather covers. 

- Additional ventilation above front windows. 

- Roll-up front panel, right side facing on '260'. 

- Inflation bladder manufactured from 0.4mm TPU with a working pressure of 0.3bar (material tested to 8.0bar) 

- Automatic Marine Grade valve fitted to each upright leg (3) with additional dirt protection cover.(Valve can be services and replaced) 

Inflation is achieved through one valve only. 

- Supplied complete with 7lt.capacity bellows foot pump. "E-Pump" available as an option.(Recommended) 

- Foam filled draught excluders fitted to each side with steel back poles included. 

- Strom straps included (3). 

Adjustable pegging 'ladders' around the base. 

- Draught cloth and wheel arch cover in matching PVC coated polyester included. 

- Curtains for all windows in polyester/cotton fitted by aluminium rod system.. 

- Full 1-Year manufacturer's warranty. 

- 1-Year 'accidental damage' cover (conditions apply). 

- Lifetime inflation bladder guarantee (conditions apply). 



Clearance Awnings Bradcot Aspire AiR 260 - 2015 Model Pictures


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