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Isabella Penta

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Isabella Penta



Isabella Penta

The original Isacryl Penta - made with fibre-dyed acrylic front and side walls that are strong, colour-fast and durable.  The pentagonal shape and 350cm depth creates a large living space.  The all-round canopy is available on both Penta models and prevents dirt and grime running down the sides, so you can spend your holiday relaxing and on your favourite activities rather than cleaning your awning! When even more space is needed an annex can be added.

For hot days the foil-covered mosquito net in the side improves the ventilation and helps create the perfect indoor climate while keeping annoying insects at bay. The unique transparent roof panels and large window panels create a lovely, light atmosphere, where you can enjoy the spacious interior in the company of family and friends.

For extra insulation in the winter months an inner roof is available as an optional extra.



Isabella Penta Specification

SAFE: Strong construction for permanent pitching
UNIQUE: Bold five sided shape
SPACIOUS: 350cm deep
LIGHT & AIRY: Roof skylights and ventilation panel(s)
PROTECTIVE: All round canopy

Plenty of doors and ventilation options, together with the transparent skylight panels, make the Penta models extremely comfortable.

Depth: 350 cm
“A”-measurement: 900-1225 cm
Canvas material: Fibre-dyed Isacryl
Frame: Zinox steel poles



Isabella Penta Price Table

  Zinox Steel
900 (886-910) £1,775
925 (911-935) £1,775
950 (936-960) £1,885
975 (961-985) £1,885
1000 (986-1010) £1,929
1025 (1011-1035) £1,929
1050 (1036-1060) £2,095
1075 (1061-1085) £2,095
1100 (1086-1110) £2,149
1125 (1111-1135) £2,149
1150 (1136-1160) £2,225
1175 (1161-1185) £2,225
1200 (1186-1210) £2,265
1225 (1211-1235) £2,265


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Average Rating: 4 Stars

Isabella Penta

4 Stars Penta - 15 September 2010
By A.Jackson (Barrow in Furness)

After twelve months use the space available in this awning has justified its purchase,the quality of manufacture is much valued.The poles being steel are heavy to lift and carry but when erected prove to be strong making for a sound structure.Good product!


For more information about the Isabella Penta, or any of our Isabella Full Awnings, please contact us. You can also read Isabella Penta reviews or add your own via our new 'reviews' tab.

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