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Kampa Arc

Kampa Arc
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Kampa Arc

The Arc is Kampa's flagship awning and encompasses all that is best in awning design and features. The curved roofline gives the Arc a stylish, modern look and will make your caravan stand out from the crowd. The roof is a one-piece coated polyester with a printed interior design and the walls are made from a durable acrylic that will last for many years. The Kampa Arc is very flexible; all four panels can be removed, rolled back to make doors or can be folded over in a veranda style (veranda bar included) and you will have an excellent view through the crystal clear windows. There are ventilation points in the apex of the roof and in the large side windows allowing air to circulate without letting insects into the awning. Due to the Easy-Lock adjusting clamps and the bracket pads the frame is also very easy to erect.

Key Features

  • High Specification
  • Curved front profile
  • Optional annex can be zipped in either side
  • One piece roof with printed interior
  • Zip out front and side panels
  • Side windows with built-in ventilation
  • Front apex vent
  • Washable PVC base panel
  • Bracket pads
  • Storm strap fixings
  • PVC draught skirt and wheel arch cover included

Optional Extras

  • Tall annexe - fits either side; side panel can be zipped back in with annexe fitted
  • Annexe inner tent (145 x 205 cm - maximum height 160 cm)
  • Storm straps - clip into buckles pre-attached to awning
  • Easy Tread breathable carpet


Size and Weight Chart

Kampa Arc Size and Weight Chart

Size in cm (Fits caravans with an 'A' measurement* of) Approximate Weight with Steel / Aluminium frame in kg**
850 (838 to 863) 48.6 / 38.6
875 (863 to 888) 49 / 39
900 (888 to 913) 50.6 / 40.7
925 (913 to 938) 51 / 41.1
950 (938 to 963) 56.4 / 43.8
975 (963 to 988) 56.8 / 44.2
1000 (988 to 1013) 62.5 / 48
1025 (1013 to 1038) 62.9 / 48.4
1050 (1038 to 1063) 64.4 / 49.6
1075 (1063 to 1088) 64.8 / 50
1100 (1088 to 1113) 65.7 / 51

* The 'A' measurement is the ground to ground distance around your caravan awning rail. See your dealer for more information

** Weight includes all accessories including pegs, draught skirt and wheel arch cover


Kampa Arc Specification

Roof Material One piece coated polyester with light dapple print on the inside
Wall Material 300D Acrylic Taslan
Mud Wall Washable PVC coated polyester with internal mud flap
Zips Extra heavy duty moulded tooth and all zips have covers
Curtains On easy slide track
Front Panels Removable or drop down (veranda style)
Side Panels Removable or drop down (veranda style)
Doorways Two each side and two in the front
Windows Crystal clear
Ventilation Large mesh panels in both side panels and apex vent with zipped cover
Pegging Fully adjustable and replaceable ladder bands and all pegging points reinforced
Frame Steel with Easy-Lock adjusting clamps – aluminium available as an option.
850 – 925cm sizes have five roof rafters, three legs and five canopy support poles
950 – 975cm sizes have seven roof rafters, three legs and five canopy support poles
1000 – 1125cm sizes have seven roof rafters, five legs and five canopy support poles
Caravan Attachment Kampa bracket pad fixings – no permanent fixings to caravan – all bracket pads supplied as standard. Adjustable bracket pads attach to profile on awning
Depth 250cm
Colour Charcoal and Ivory
Annex Available as an optional extra. Fits both sides and side wall panel can be zipped back into place
Accessories Included Draught Skirt
Wheel Arch Cover
Veranda Bar


Kampa Arc Price Table

  Aluminium Steel
850 £756 £725
875 £771 £741
900 £787 £755
925 £804 £771
950 £842 £804
975 £859 £821
1000 £914 £870
1025 £933 £888
1050 £947 £902
1075 £966 £921
1100 £994 £844
1125 £1,015 £964


Kampa Arc Pictures


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